Indesign alternative for ipad

  • Hey y'all,

    Been waiting for affinity publisher to come to ipad but won't hold my breath. I just use an ipad and procreate anymore and won't pay for CC anytime soon. I have like 200 comic pages I want to collect into one book for printing. Is Clip Studio a valid solution for at least the time being? Or is there another option?


  • Considering that Adobe is generally industry standard, I might recommend subscribing for a little bit, if you want to put together a book (maybe a month or two?). You can also individually subscribe to individual programs, if you're not keen on subscribing to the master collection, I think that subscription is like $20, and it'd be a great way to put your book together, though I understand if that's not an option you want to pursue. I wish I had other options I could recommend.

  • @lpetiti yes, a free trial to InDesign would work, but if you continue a subscription beyond a free trial, you agree to it for terms of one year. If you cancel an Adobe CC or single app subscription before the year is over, there is an early termination fee, and it can be a doozy. Just FYI for everyone.

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 Good to know! I subscribe to the whole thing throughout the year so I haven't paid attention to that in a while.

  • That was a big part of why I quit Adobe. Early on in the pandemic I wanted to ditch it to hedge my financial bets, as it were, and they wanted to charge me. So that was a turn off. If it was 10 bucks for one month and that was all I needed, maybe, but it is hard to beat the 50 one time fee if affinity. Same with 20 or whatever procreate is. Bc clip studio is great for comics I had just imagined it being a great file management etc type program. And at least on ipad it's like 6 bucks a month I think.

  • @lpetiti yes, I also have an Adobe CC subscription. But since I've been subscribed for over a year, if at any point I wanted to cancel, I could without paying a cancellation fee. However, at this point, I still use it almost every day for work, so it's a legit business expense for me.

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 for me as well.

  • @Declan-Konesky so they aren’t as good, but I’ve used Adobe illustrator in the past to make books using art boards, and I believe photoshop now also lets you make art boards . Not sure about Ipad capabilities, but I’ve used them in a pinch

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