Anyone make an artfol account yet?

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  • @K-Flagg Awesome! Hadn't heard of this yet, but I just jumped on as well - username ajillustrates

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    I did yesterday, servers are running at a slog right now. Could be interesting though.

  • @K-Flagg that's cool! I've heard of Artfol before, I gotta check it out!

  • I have one @lizardillo. It has no content on it at all yet though. Not even a profile pic!

  • @jdubz I haven't heard of bubblehouse before, it looks cool too. I need to tell my husband about it. He builds beautiful electric guitars and bubblhouse looks like it could be an awesome place for something like that to show off what he has been working on.

  • @K-Flagg Yeah it definitely looks like a great place for those that do handcrafted anything! It's always a question on these new networks on what's going to stick and blow up, so hopefully it ends up being a good home. I REALLY like having some of the extra options that IG doesn't have.

  • @CLCanadyArts I am on a laptop too that's not fair! It looks real nice and clean!

  • @K-Flagg Will you let us know when they do? Pretty please!!!! ❤

  • @K-Flagg sounds really intriguing! Will need to look into it.

  • thanks for info! Ive tried to get it, but there is some problem with server tho...

  • One thing I noticed was that I was never able to sign up on my android device - when you click submit and it hangs, what it's trying to do is email you the code but the code box next comes up (but it did email me the code. I just couldn't input it).

    When I switched to my iPad's IOS version of the app the code box came up. Just in case anyone ran into the same problem I did.

  • It’s still quite slow and so far feels a bit like a mobile deviant art which was a place I never got very into. However I’ll give it some time to balance itself out. I don’t know how to find specific users but maybe if we start tagging works with #SVS we can connect our networks that way.

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    Personally, I think it has some intriguing potential. I'm happy that you can't see how many likes something has, so it's not driven by that paradigm. I also really like that any art you find/like can be shared--I've found most of the folks I'm following because other artists have re-posted work they really like. Plus it seems it can't be downloaded, so the only way to "copy" an image is to take a screenshot.

    I don't know what their algorithm is for their "trending" search category, but it only shows a handful of images in those results, so once you've seen them you have to go scroll through the other search categories that seem to be organized by how recently images have been posted. It has a nice "bio/info" section with as many links to your website/storefront/other platforms as you want to include. Plus, you can only post one image every ten minutes, so that's nice. And no "multiple images" per post--you post one complete image that isn't cropped to a ratio or size specification which seems awesome!!

    To me, it feels a bit "youth-interest-driven" at the moment, and I wonder if that lends itself to DeviantArt comparisons. I'm not sure I care to participate in any of the challenges, but the fact they have them at all is interesting. Plus there's a specific "asking for critique" category which is nice. It's unfortunate they're mobile-only.


  • @Coreyartus Yeah I really love that you can't see how many followers someone has so there is no option of self comparison. I think it seems like it has a lot of potential to be a happier place than other social media platforms. No influencers! lol

  • I tried but it gave me a server error 😬

  • It's been an interesting thought process for me because it's really made me consider why we share stuff in this way to begin with. It is really straight forward when it comes to communities like SVS or Illustration Department or Discord servers because you're actively engaging with a relatively small community gathering feedback, improving together, etc.

    Instagram inherently can't fill that hole because it's goals are not our goals. I can't post something on IG with the hope to get actual feedback. The overwhelming majority of feedback will be saying how cute or amazing or incredible it is, or nothing at all, and there's a good possibility the people whose opinions I value won't even see it at all because IG doesn't value showing it to them enough to make it worth it.

    Then again, the other reason to expand your IG following is it's a means to an end - a big enough following can enable you to do things like kickstarter campaigns, or sell products or market courses or things like that. But you don't technically need a following to do any of those things if you instead budget the dollars to get in front of those people (and unlike sharing your work, paying for advertising guarantees it'll show up in their feeds as long as there is budget).

    So it goes back to why I'm posting at all lol. The biggest part of it is making it accessible for anyone looking up my work as a potential project. So it's kind of an extension of my portfolio. But will art directors or potential clients ever use these other 3rd party providers? I sincerely hope so because the posting experience as an artist is far superior.

  • @jdubz right! I have thought about that stuff as well, but I started thinking how great this would be if art editors and agents started using it as a resource since it has artists all in the same place with easy to use categories.

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    I think they'll need to expand their categories a bit... Right now they're a bit general and I think folks from illustration industries will want to have the capacity to search categories that are specifically relevant to them. There aren't many tools right now to make searching for relevant artwork very easy... For example, if you want to be found by kidlitart or childrensillustration artists, they need to use those terms as one of their three hashtags in order to be found in search results for topics that don't have a specified category. In my opinion, if they can emulate the phenomenally robust and specific search engine on ArtStation they'll be moving in the right direction.

    Right now, however, I think its best strength is as a peer review tool, but it lacks the intimacy and focus of a forum like SVS or a Discord with a more limited audience, and that's both beneficial and problematic... It seems it relies upon mutually-interested "discovered circles of friends" to be relevant to the users, but I'm not sure that's much different than many of the other social media platforms out there... It's clear this platform is specifically relevant to artists in a way that Instagram or Twitter isn't, but is this a "preaching to the chorus" situation with an audience limited to fellow artists? Is that... useful? Generally?

  • I have an account @jfbray. Just the yeti design up so far. Look forward to seeing you all on there!

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