Apple sidecar or Astropad

  • Hi everyone,

    Im planning on buying a new mac with the M1 processors when the 16 inch comes out. I want to use it for animation and Maya as I love apple and don’t want to leave the ecosystem. I currently have an iPad pro 12.9 and love the experience. I want to use that as my tablet but I also have an intous medium. I know that there is apple sidecar and astropad. When sidecar first came out, it had bad criticism. But I want to know if the feature is good now after some time. Is astropad the better option or should I just use sidecar.

  • I've tried both SC and AP and found the latter better. The thing for me was mainly the relation with the main display. In AP you get a much better experience in this regard due to how you can manage what appears in your screen. It also seemed more snappy, but YMMV, as my iPad is a 9,7 Pro, so screen size was at a premium, my iPad is old and with not much RAM, and I'm on an Intel Mac--not an M1, which is leaps ahead in terms of performance. Maybe on your 12,9 the SC cramped screen will not be a problem.

    You're aware that AP Pro (or whatever they call their higher tier) has an evaluation period, aren't you? I'd really like to be able to test the regular AP (one-time purchase vs subscription on the Pro one) to see if it would be enough. I even wrote them to ask if they allowed me to do what I already knew wasn't possible, but no dice... haha

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