Critique requested

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve made a (very late) drawing for the March contest. I wonder if anyone has some tips and critique for my turnaround? I feel like the hat is off in some places...

    Btw I didn’t draw the hair or arm to show off the body better.


    My idea was to have a traveler that works for the railway. I tried to go for a timeless vaguely vintage uniform. The character is preteen btw!

    2827E370-F768-499E-BC23-834BCDC129E1.jpeg C2B47FA5-9DE1-456B-B623-5BA314B99231.jpeg

  • Adjusted the hat in the third pose


  • These are great. She looks fun. One subtle thing – be careful with the shoulders. Your 3/4 shots look like their shot from a higher angle. While the back shoulder should be smaller, they should still be on the same plane like the front and side shots.

  • she look so cute!! and just a little thing, but the ears in the first pose are a bit to high, also the left pocket on her backside is a bit to much to the right side. also I really love how you rendered her her at the last post! looks so fluffy and beautiful!