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    Hey everyone,
    I've update my website, placed my new logo and changed flow of my site.
    I'm thinking of adding some illustrations the sides of my logo banner. Any feedback and thoughts would be great!

  • @ACPetullo Hi my main feedback for your website is:

    1. The massive logo is being overlapped with your gallery piece, which I find rather distracting a somewhat sloppy. Just slightly adjust the gallery by moving it a little lower so we can see your complete logo. But what you could also do is shrink the size of your logo, because the most important thing for your audience to want to see is your art, not your logo as it is currently pushing down the gallery.

    2. You shouldn't lay out your pages like that. On the tabs menu, what you should do is have a page that encompasses all the children's book work you have done, by calling it "books" and then have a gallery of each cover with your credits and author credits under each thumbnail. Usually if you want to show off the children's book work you have already done, you put all of that on your front page.

    3. Back to the front home page, your gallery is rather lacking and that's because you only have a cover of each piece that you've worked on and not galleries of the sequential work you have already done. Usually when you're advertising your art on your page, you want people to see the sequential work you have made. Don't redirect them to their own specialized page, just have all the sequential pieces on the front page and their covers on a separate single page.

    4. I think the Etsy shop is section on the homepage is a little too overbearing. Make it its own page with a separate tab.

    5. Maybe consider making your contact form its own page? When people scroll down on my website, I have a small link that says "Hire me?" and redirects people to my contact page.

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