Test for a book

  • This is a test for a childrens book, unfortunatelly i doesn't get the job, still i like it 🙂


  • I really like it. A great blend of colours, patterns and textures there, creating a sense of chaos but still pleasing to the eye.

  • @Paulina-Orellana I love this. So many awesome space details and the colours work beautifully. Sorry to hear you didn't land the project. Did they say why you didn't get the job? Keep up the amazing work. Have a great day.

  • @Amanda-Jean Thank you, they ask for a lot specific elemants, so its hart to put all in the same image

    @Peter-Jarvis Thank you, im not sure, later a friend of mine tell me, he is the another illustrator doing this test , but finally doesn´t get the job either, id think we just dont get what is them searching or maybe is the costs.

  • @Paulina-Orellana Gorgeous, energetic illustration!

    Did you get paid for doing this "test"? If not, it's very unethical for this to be asked of illustrators - it's essentially working for free. Out of principle alone I would never do a 'test' illustration unless they paid for my time.

    I hope you will use it for your portfolio at least even though you didn't get work from it! It really is lovely. The one thing I'd suggest is to refine your colour palette - there's a lot going on and so many colours...if you dialed back the number of colours used I think it would be even stronger. Also - maybe your perspective is a bit off with the nightstand? Looks like it's on a different plane than the bed.

    haha love his little space suit and boots!

  • Sorry you did not get the project, but this is a lovely piece, playful color and very fun to look at.

  • Be careful of these test jobs, sometimes the people will take advantage of an artist. They should see your portfolio and then pay you even for demo / example / sample of your work. otherwise they could be exploiting you.

  • @DanetteDraws Well this is for long time ago, but you´re right i had no pay for this test, in those time i was crazy for working on an editorial project, in those time i doesn´t care much about money, the editor advise me from that anyway, later when i out from the collegue im participate on other proyect (for free) for the same reason, i really want to do a story book, but that time when i take the proyect appears a lot of job, so only do 1 illustration and some storyboard (in my freetime) from that and i getting bored for do it without a payment and finally leave it.

    So yeah, those ¨free¨ jobs difficult return something, anyway i keep those for portfolio.

    Thank you, its hard for me control the color in traditional media, and the perspective is wrong i did´t see it before 🙂

    @Naroth-Cow @Steve-Young Thank you so much, i hope help for get another jobs 🙂

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