I started a new blog and discord for my website!

  • Hey everyone, my website has gotten quite the makeover this year. I wanted to share that I am starting a new blog on my website so I can share the most basic tips people need in order to become a children's book illustrator. https://www.michaelangelogo.com/blog-1

    I also started a new discord dedicated to animation and illustration and I would like to invite anyone interested: https://discord.gg/KEbUQZ4kKV

    I was about to work on my illustrations for my portfolio, but I think I should start turning my attention towards my Etsy shop. I opened maybe almost a month ago, and while I've gotten some views and even a couple of likes, I haven't managed to make a sale. I guess cartoonified, cutesified portraits of people's pets aren't appealing enough?

    I was thinking of trying to broaden my work just a bit. Maybe do portraits of people and families in my cartoon style? I have a redbubble account so maybe I could put people and their pets on tshirts and mugs? I was thinking of also doing some paintings they can put on the wall, stickers. I was about to suggest to myself to create keychains of people's pets as cartoons, but I think that's already broad enough.

    Yeah I'm really stumped and my business is not going anywhere. Here's my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GOMADCARTOONS

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