Comics Peeps, are any of you on WEBTOON?

  • Hey everyone, I know I have seen a forum post or two about people thinking about starting a webtoon comic but I was curious if you have one that I should be subscribed to? I just started one and its been super fun. I usually use photoshop or Procreate for digital stuff but Clip Studio added a bunch of useful tools specifically for Webtoon that makes it really easy. I already had a comic that I made during inktober last year so I am just altering it for the Webtoon format. Let me know if you have one so I can check it out or if you have any helpful info for me that would be greatly appreciated. I left the link for mine below.

  • Your comic is so pretty!!! ❤

    I've started sketching comics out but I'm not sure I want to do webtoon yet. I feel like I'm already juggling a lot of social platforms already. Would love to know how webtoon goes for you!

  • @carlianne Thank you! Yeah I thought it would be daunting but it's pretty simple, it's really just more about the time you have to create a comic in general since even a simple version can still be very time consuming. I have a SciFi comic I have always wanted to do but I keep pushing it to the back burner. I think adapting it for WEBTOON would take a lot of pressure off since I felt like I couldn't really publish it traditionally for cost reasons and breaking it up into little bite sized pieces seems easier to accomplish. Follow The White Rabbit is kind of my test comic to see how the platform works and what kind of response I get. I hope you make one eventually. your work is so cute, I imagine your characters would attract viewers pretty quickly.

  • @K-Flagg aww thank you so much! I’m thinking I’ll do something more like short 4 panel comics rather than comic book style. I also want something bite sized and achievable 😂

  • @K-Flagg Thanks for sharing! It looks really slick, and I will look into how to subscribe on webtoons. I’m trying to do a comic for ages, but haven’t really gotten anywhere because I keep getting stuck on writing a story. Between writing a story, drawing and colouring it there is so much work I’ve not yet taken time to see how to actually share it on the internet. I gather webtoon works for you?

  • @Niels Yes, I think WEBTOON is a nice complete package honestly. It can be strange going from traditional style page turns to long scrolling. You have to think about how to set up you cliff hangers a little differently and keep the reader scrolling. There are a lot of directions you could go. I started by just having it available on my website as standard comic pages. But I have heard that people upload to both WEBTOON and TAPAS. From what I gather WEBTOON has a very large audience but it's mostly teenagers. Tapas has a smaller audience but they are typically older and mostly creators supporting eachother. I haven't dug to deep into TAPAs yet but there is also comics for Amazon Kindle and Comixology. Plus I'm sure there are a few other smaller up and coming sites. The cool thing about Webtoon is you load your comics for free to read and if you gain a large enough following you can get add share revenue.

    I highly recommend looking to these options. My goal is gain a small following and then I can pitch my next project (which I'm still a little afraid of). I can pencil and ink comics all day but one it comes down to coloring and lettering it takes forever haha.

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