Anyone listen to the Daily Pep or have any other good tools to keep motivated?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been listening to the Daily Pep recently on Spotify [] Its only 10 mins and there is a new one Monday to Friday. It is a little creative pep talk and a nice reminder that everyone is struggling with the same things.

    It might be helpful to someone out there who as Meg says "Gets in there own way!"
    This is defiantly me!

    I like Will Terrys analogy of the golf swing and that there are massive list of things right.
    Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming how much there is to learn! I recently had a portfolio critique and feel like I just got given a long list of things to work on.

    Has anyone got any other motivational thoughts or ideas for after you lose a competition or get a tough critique? I see a lot of people getting disheartened after the monthly contests so it might help a few people.

  • I just found a podcast called Creative Ways from a woman named Emma from Britain. She interviews creative people about the challenges of juggling family, career, growth, money, etc etc. I've only listened to one episode so far (#47), and it was a great way to check in with the fact that we're all on this road trying to get somewhere. Let me know if you find another one that's good!

  • I would say that a good support system is #1. It's never easy being told that your work is not good enough... which your brain can easily translate into YOU are not good enough. The failure and success process is a lot like the skill-building process. Building a new skill takes time, pain, and consistency. Getting through those failures well and consistently can be learned and it can be learned well. I guess that's part of the reason why this forum exits. But aside from having a support system that can give you that positive energy after a rough critique or failure, I think treating yourself is something that helps. Reward yourself for all that torture you just went through. And yes, it can definitely be overwhelming to know all of that work that you have ahead of you. It's good to have that list, but not in plain sight on a regular basis. Having a personal project that incorporates just a few of those things has helped me slow things down and see my progress more quickly and easily. Personal projects can really be a good source of leveling up and be a good heart-booster.

  • @seelliott my approach is to tackle one thing at a time, not all of them. So I choose the thing That needs the most improvement and work on that until it’s no longer the thing I struggle with the most and then move on to the next “worst” thing.

    This helps me avoid feeling overwhelmed and focusing on one thing helps me see the improvement I’m making a little easier to see.

    Also it’s really important to compare yourself to your past self rather than to others. I know it’s easier said than done but good to remind yourself when struggling ❤

  • @Valerie-Light I will look up that podcast and let you know how it goes. Its always nice to find a new one to draw with.

    @tobypontiousart I totally agree having more support and making new art friends has really helped this year. Hearing that everyone goes through the same thing and being able to celebrate or commiserate with each other is great. Yes its good to remember that its essential to fail in order to get better.

    @carlianne I try really hard to focus on one thing at a time but I love writing unmanageable and big to do lists! There is just so much I want to do and I have to squeeze in time between my full time job and other commitments. I recently did a redraw to help see my improvement. I will post it in the forums soon.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I recommend Adam's talks at the 'Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL' YouTube channel. In fact, I've started to download the audio and listen to it while out for my long walks.

    He's a lovely man and I find his calm inspiration very motivating.

    Another thing that I would recommend is to look back through your artwork that you have done, particularly your early pieces, and see how far you have come. Sometimes I will look through my early SVS courses assignment work and I find it both motivating and educational. The time away from it, as I've worked on other areas, has allowed me to mature a bit more as an artist so that when I come back to old pieces I have fresh eyes and a greater understanding and ability. I find that motivating.

    Best wishes.

    Adam (a different one!)

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