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  • Hey guys

    So I've been requested to do a sample test for a self publisher , I told them my price for a simple sketch would be 110 USD and color would be 150 USD. I'm used to doing sample test where I get paid the full amount upfront depending on which they choose and I draw what they want and they can with take it or leave.

    But this person sent me a contract stating that if necessary I do revisions on this one page sample test and that I would only get 50 % first and the rest later. They also stat they hold all rights to this image if they so choose and that they have the choice whether or not I can display the image on my site.

    Now I dont know about many of you but this sounds like much for a simple test. They don't even know if they want to use my work in the end and the fact that I'm being asked to do the same amount of work as if I were illustrating the book when I'm not is a little off putting.

    Im I being odd about this or is this how your sample test usually go for self publishers ?

  • I don't have very much experience, but I think your take seems right. This client sounds like a nightmare to me. Does not know what they're doing and as a result wants to control everything. And for a self publish job where your work probably isn't going to be seen by very many people... I'd just tell them this is the standard way of doing tests, and this is how you're willing to work with them. Be the pro in the room and see if you can get them to be more reasonable. When I've worked with self publishers, I've had to do a ton of educating. The good ones appreciate the guidance, and the bad ones go elsewhere. 🤷♀

    Best of luck!

  • @MarksByMallory

    Thank you so much , I really wasn't sure what to make of this but I had a strong feeling I wasn't going to like doing work for this author. Its one of the reasons I didn't want to take on self publishers now that I have an agent but I was like why not hear this person out.

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