• Hi, just posted my first topic over in the contests so I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth and I am an amateur artist/illustrator in that I do it simply for the enjoyment. I have sold a few paintings but don’t really lean into it much. I have mainly done abstract and floral acrylic painting in traditional media, although I also really enjoy collage and monoprinting as well.

    I received an iPad Pro for Christmas and have mainly been using it for low-key fan art but now I feel like I am ready to make it my own. That’s why I joined SVS Learn forums, to get honest feedback on improving my craft.

    My Instagram is elizerazo but I am posting under zabe.draws until I figure out where I want to go. Just to avoid family &friends saying “why don’t you paint more flowers again, I liked those!” Finished work will still be posted on my first account, the second is just for work I don’t feel is quite finished.

  • Welcome @Elizabeth-Erazo!

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