Fairytale traveller

  • Really glad we've moved on from the yeti stuff, I just could not get into that. So weird, id usually have no qualms about drawing a yeti, but attach it to a contest/assignment and I was like 'blecch!'
    I love this new contest topic though, as it is right up my alley!
    I have been sculpting little gross fantasy creature characters during the pandemic,I even made a little forest traveller last month. I'm going to continue this style for this contest.
    I have these already
    The latest little guy even has a backpack for his travels!

    Could/should I just use the backpack guy and sculpt him in a sitting pose as well? Then draw him running?
    Is it 'cheating' a bit to use something/part of something you've already made?

    I have ideas for a totally new lil fantasy guy, and could just do that. But, sculpting takes a long time and making multiples of one character in different poses would be a lot. Not impossible, or even that much of a stretch (considering I sculpt something every week and a half or so.) And I love this little backpack man!
    I dunno. Thoughts? Cheating a bit? Do a new character? Mix drawn versions of him with sculpted?


  • These are so cool! I love them!

  • I would be curious to see what it loos like to mix drawn with sculpted.

  • These are incredible! I don't think it's cheating to use something you've already made if it fits the theme. I think only you can know how far you want to go with making new sculptures and poses. Personally I'd only do it if I really wanted to do it. Alternatively you could learn how to make a posable armature in 3 weeks 😛 As you said with the yeti theme, I can't really force myself to work on something I'm really not keen on. And right now, because I'm working on my portfolio, if I don't want it in my portfolio then I'm not going to draw it. Sorry - not much to offer beyond that.

  • @kylebeaudette Your work is incredible! I don't think it's cheating at all. I'm intrigued by this backpack guy (and his world) and would love to see more.

  • love em!
    can you elaborate the how you did em part a bit more? materials, paints and stuff.

  • I personally would love to see a mix of this sculpture with drawing versions. I think the key will be in the presentation of the mix and I totally do not think it's cheating to develop further something you've already created, all the additions will be new. I keep thinking of Brian Froud (though your style is completely unique and different), but I always loved seeing his drawing concepts mixed with the sculpted characters for "The Dark Crystal". Might be worth checking out if you are not familiar.

  • @Tiffany-Thomas thank you! Yes, I love Froud! I made the backpack guy as a tribute to Froud, Henson, and Ralph MacQuarrie. Also studio Ghibli🤔
    Yeah, mixing drawn versions with sculpted would be the way to go, like concept sketches or something.

    Here's a little step by step on the backpack guy. You can how Muppety he was going to be at one point.

  • @kylebeaudette Ahhhh, love him in every stage! That's so awesome, I'm pretty sure Brian Froud and Jim Henson were my biggest influences as a child. To this day "The Dark Crystal" is my all time favorite movie. I still remember seeing it in the theater when I was a child, it completely changed my life. Studio Ghibli too has been so amazing! I can totally see the influences now, you've done a wonderful job of taking them all and making it your own, I'm super excited to see your final character design!!!

  • @Tiffany-Thomas thanks!

  • amazing work

  • So cool I have wanted to get into sculpting for a while. Great stuff!

  • @Asyas_illos IMG_20210114_231827.jpg

    Here's a few full build ups of a character. Floral wire posed and twisted, glued to a block. Then covered in plumbing epoxy (to secure the pose and make the sculpture very strong) and then clay is added on in layers. I bake it about 5 or 6 times, after a layer of details I want to 'lock in'. Every time you bake it, you wipe it with a thin layer of vaseline after it cools down. Now the new clay will adhere to the cooked clay like magic. Continue this 5-100 times til you're satisfied. I paint with dollar store acrylics, doing the base layer with an airbrush (not necessary).
    Et voila!

  • So good! Super helpful too Vaseline trick is something I’ll try and remember how many clay layers do you usually end up with?

  • Amazing work!

  • @Asyas_illos usually 5 I'd say

  • IMG_20210314_172702_811.jpg
    IMG_20210314_131359_968.jpg IMG_20210314_172702_854.jpg

    Started this bed today for the character to sit on. Made from some cardboard packaging. Cut up pieces into rock shapes and glued them on, then mod podged it all. Then painted it. The character is too big for it, vut I'll either resculpt him in a sitting position on the bed, or make a new character sitting on the bed.

  • Have you ever done any whittling? I started doing in the past year. Really meditative stuff.

  • your work blows my mind....this is so cool and creative!

  • IMG_20210314_212020_505.jpg
    Decided to make a new character, it will be a gross little gremlin. Everything you see here was made today!

    My hope is to be able to someday make a children's book with little scenes like this and my creepy fairytale characters. No discernible plot, just nice scenes.

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