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  • Hi everyone - I'm Carmen from the UK 🙂 At the moment I am a mature student just coming up to my final project on an Art & Design course. I am hoping to one day be able to call myself an illustrator. I stumbled across this site by happy accident. We had to pin up favourite images at our desks to show the tutor what styles we admired and one I pinned up (I hope you don't mind Lee ) was a picture by Lee White of a little girl riding seahorses through the night in a dark house. (I also pinned up some Dave McKean and Chris Riddell)

    Thinking about coming to the big project I know I want mine to be illustration based and probably watercolour - maybe mixed media. So I clicked through on the link for the online tutorials on the website next to that image and here I am. I am so pleased to find this community - I am blown away by what I've seen. I have deferred my uni place for at least a year due to my little one being half days at school and was wondering how to keep up the level of creativity/learning that I am doing at the moment when I finish in May (I am easily distracted. I can't lie.) I think I have found the perfect solution. I can't wait to start learning with you all.

  • Welcome, and check out the 3rd Thursday challenge, (in red letters at the top of the page at the end) and come join! It is a monthly prompt to do a problem solving piece in whatever medium you prefer to draw, traditional or digital... and Will & Jake and sometimes Lee give critiques the night they choose the winner, on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

    This month's prompt is Love, details are HERE...

    If you scroll down the page, you should find the you tube video of last month's prompt. Oh and the winner gets a free class!

    They still haven't fixed the title of that, cause they agreed there would only be 1 winner from now on, but more critiques, which helps everyone...

  • I love how those happy accidents happen! Welcome! Like Bobby said check out 3rd Thursday, it's great way to learn to meet a deadline, even with life going on. It's really nice also to post your work as you go through the classes, sharing your growth helps keep up the creativity!

  • Thank you so much Bobby & Brittany. I will definitely check that out. I have a week off this week while our last lot of work is being assessed (so I now have no nails left!) Great excuse to dive in and explore this site. I'll start with YouTube tonight 🙂

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