More Work for my Website!

  • I want to thank the few that have been helping me advanced my website for potential art directors, agents and agencies. You all have been a great help in my art journey! Here's just a recap of all my latest work so far.

    Merry Pasco Illustrations

    Showcase 1.jpeg

    The Monkey and the Tortoise

    Showcase 2.jpg.jpg

    I am Maganda - Selected Sequences

    Showcase 3.jpg.jpg

    LGBT Fanart
    Showcase 4.jpg.jpg

  • I am shifting gears for the types of work I will be showcasing in my portfolio. I just received a very insightful critique of my website from an agency I applied to and I will be gravitating all my attention towards fulfilling just that.


    The identity I want for my portfolio is artwork that depicts 'inclusivity' and 'diversity' through colorful expressive illustrations. So I will be doing maybe a couple of more spots and spread illustrations.

    My goal for my next following illustrations is how well I can draw several character designs for POC, LGBTQ+, and disabled persons in my illustrations.

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