Anyone know what a remarque is?

  • I got an inquiry today about a book I illustrated asking if I was going to do any "remarques" for it. LOL, I have no idea what this is! I looked it up a little online and it sounds like it's an original pencil drawing in the margin of a print? But I'm not totally sure as there aren't a ton of results that come up.

    Anyone know what this entails or have you done them?


  • @robgale

    A remarque is a notation of some sort made in the margins of a book. It may be a note about color, a note about the illustration, etc. They are usually production notes and removed prior to printing.

  • @robgale said in Anyone know what a remarque is?:


    I think I’ve seen these in cricket media’s “Spider”magazines.

    Is this what you’re talking about?


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