Group drawing chat

  • I stumbled upon a website called Magma Studio that lets you run group chats where you can draw together! It’s like Zoom for artists. Would be cool to give this a try with my fellow SVS students. Although not sure how to choose a time that fits a worldwide audience 🙂

  • @danielerossi sounds like a fun program.
    When you set up a time, I will jump in if I am available. My schedule is kind of unpredictable these days as my kid is at home. This probably applies to a lot of people here. You might get some people to try out the program together if you host several sessions at different times of the day :-).

  • I’m a little confused by how to start up a multi-artist collaborative drawing session but after reading through the website, I think live sessions aren’t available to users. More like communities listed on the Magma Studio website. Which I think is better 🙂

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