Social media mentorship programs

  • Hi Everyone,
    I know im a 16 year old with a long time to grow but I really want to improve my following. I have such interesting ideas but for some reason I cant get them launched. I watch YouTube tips but they don’t guide you as I go along. I currently have an instagram but also want to launch my TikTok. If anyone knows of reliable social media mentors who can guide me through the process I would love that. I don't want any courses as those aren’t different from YouTube videos. And I want someone who can help artists. I hope to go to 1,000 by the end of the year. I am not doing this for fame, but to get my ideas out their and to connect with other creators. I hope someone can help.




  • social media can be a pit of despair and suffering. (and most of the time it is imo)

    If you only want to do it to get your ideas out there and connect with other creators.

    Then just get on the platforms already and do it. Search things by newest and you'll find hundreds of undiscovered but amazingly talented artists easily.

  • Hi Ari. I see a lot of ads for those gurus who claim they can help with social media following. I don’t know how effective this is. I’m sure there are a lot of uccess stories but social media changes their algorithms a lot anyway so in my opinion time is better spent working on my pieces, make it better. Posting constantly too would help. Have you listened to 3PP’s episode on Social media? I thought it was pretty informative.

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