Fairy Home Inktober sketch critique?

  • Hi everyone!

    Here’s my sketch for week two of Inktober52 (I’m a bit behind). I wanted to do a fairy house and work on making a whimsical environment. It’s a work in progress that I want to take into my iPad and finish digitally.

    What are your thoughts?


    Thank you guys! It’s been great developing a community of people that help each other improve their work!

  • It's very cute! I really want to see what comes out of the house. A few quick thoughts..

    • The composition feels a little off to me. I love the look of the mushrooms in the background but they are fighting too hard for my attention. In other words, they might be too big. I want the home to be the centerpiece (and perhaps literally centered).

    • The two square windows feel like they are floating on the teapot. Perhaps they could be more structured/aligned with the door.

    • On that note, some elements of the drawing have good dimension / 3D (road, table/chairs, door, mushroom shapes) and others are very flat or 2D (teapot handle, teapot spout, mushroom dots). And again the square windows, though they have dimensional shutters, don't feel placed quite right on the teapot.

    Overall it's very adorable and I want to print it out and color it in!

    Good luck,

  • I'd really love to see a character in here. Right now it's a fun little scene, but I feel like it really wants someone to be inhabiting it.

  • @ABCre8ive That's such a lovely compliment! Thank you for the critique also; I'll work on that, I definitely see what you mean.

  • @robgale I was thinking of little hedgehogs or fairies...maybe both?

  • @lpetiti Personally, I love hedgehogs, but one thing I've found is that when I have multiple ideas, I just have to try them all and see them next to each other to really decide which one works best.

  • @robgale that’s true!

  • Heres a revised version:


  • @lpetiti Compared to the door, the chairs seem too small in my eyes. Try sketching an figure in the doorway, take that and move it to the chairs. If it looks way too big, then the chairs are definitly to small.

  • @Aisleen I see what you mean! Come to think of it, the well has a similar issue also.

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