Yeti Feedback?

  • Hi amazing SVS community,

    I missed the critique arena due to work; however, I just finished watching the reply on Facebook - and Wow!!

    The top 16 entries are amazing and I would like to congratulate those for making the Sweet 16, and also congratulate everyone else who submitted their Yeti designs! Kudos to the winners @Braden-Hallett and @mag!

    Admittedly, this was my first character turnaround and I was hoping I could get a few pointers to help me improve for next time? Any feedback is a gift, so thank you in advance for taking the time to help.


  • @Jeremy-Ross well I’m not one to talk really as this was only my second character study also, but judging from the critiques today a lot of the judges positive responses had to do with how expressive the characters were as well as uniquely shaped, I didn’t make the top 16 either, so I was definitely taking notes! I think for myself and I would say to you too, is really dive into your character and find a personality and pull as much of that to the surface as possible. This yeti home challenge has made think more about that also. Hope you find this helpful!

  • @Jeremy-Ross What a cute yeti! One thing that jumps out at me is the poses look quite unnatural. I think it might help you look at some reference or take your own reference photos just as a rough guide for the body language. Or something they mentioned on the livestream - break the design down into simple shapes to help you visualise how your character would move in a 3D space rather than on a 2D plane. I know this is tricky, I struggle with making poses look natural myself. Hope this helps though!

  • Hi @Asyas_illos, thank you for feedback! I agree, push the expressions and emotions. Much appreciated!

  • Hi @Annabishop, thank you for the feedback! You’re spot on, that’s an area I will continue working on. Much appreciated!

  • I think Uma is very cute and unique. Not at all the typical yeti design and she's charming too. I think the top right though doesn't read right. Maybe the silhouette is confusing and it's a hard pose to make because of the foreshortening that's needed on the legs. I think my favorite is where she's watering the flower. Really sweet 🙂

  • Thank you @Jeannelle-Pita! Good feedback, that was a unique pose and probably should have tried one more readable. Much appreciated!

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