Artistic Goals For 2021

  • Hi there creative people,

    I am sorry, I don't comment much. I am not shy at all. Actually, I usually speak my mind a little too much.
    But, I am really busy studying and trying to work out what style I want to commit to with children's book art. I can work in many styles confidently, so it's taking time to decide, and do a little experimenting as well. And of course, I enjoy it.
    The art in my online portfolio, is just some of my art. I would like to change and update it.

    So one of my main goals for 2021 is, decide on a style, and work it!
    I appreciate any comments from you, and thanks for your time.

    Please feel free to add your goals here.
    The least I can do is encourage and support you.

    I am a teacher, and I see that encouragement is still the best gift we can give to anyone, and it's free.


  • Hi Jason. there is a good 3pointperspective podcast on finding your style which is worth a listen if you haven't already.
    Still finding my style myself but im finding its happening organically for me as i learn.
    Ive been working on a personal book project myself and using it as a vehicle for learning as it highlights all the holes in my knowledge, as i come up against something i go and find the lessons and apply it to what im doing. its probably a long way around but im more invested in learning it if it applies to what im trying to do.
    My goal for the fist quarter of the year is working on my thumbnailing and ideation as i tend to go into paint too soon.
    hopefully i should have all my page layouts done by then, but ill just keep working on it until im happy with it. After that i need to work on my character art as im rubbish at people.

    look forward to seeing how your style turns out as your caricatures are good.


  • Great goal! Finding my style was my goal last year and looking back I feel like I made a lot of progress. The year before that after I had taken a children’s book illlustration course I felt super lost because I just wasn’t enjoying any image I was making and I wasn’t enjoying the process. I felt a lot of pressure being in the class also and felt bad that my teacher had to watch me struggle each week and his input wasn’t very helpful to me. So after the class I decided to explore different media and spent the entire year playing with different mish-mashings of media until I finally landed on something I enjoyed and liked the way it looked. Last year was mostly working on my drawing and stylizing characters and trying to push them into that media.

    This year...I’m not really sure what my goal is yet for children’s book illustration. This year for me may be spent more on writing and oil painting. After painting a bunch of portraits for Christmas presents it’s really ignited my fire again for painted portraits. I want to be able to fit everything in and do it all, but homeschooling three kids under 10 does make it a bit hard to do everything 😂 they’re really the most supportive cheerleaders I could have asked for though! One day my son even said to me at bedtime “mom, you didn’t do any artwork today!” And when I replied something along the lines of how busy we’d been he’s just surprised and tells me I should have gone down to the studio and worked, I’ve got to finish my book! I’m so lucky to have these kids ❤

    Anyway, best of luck to you in finding your style! I listened to a ton of the podcast the creative pep talk if you haven’t heard of it. I enjoy his monologue episodes the best and he has some great introspective ideas into finding your style.

    Happy new year!

  • @James-Toogood Thanks.
    Yes, I've watched many, enjoyed 'em, took notes, and watching again.
    I'm liking your style too. Keep going! And every now and then, experiment with something completely different. That'll definitely help you grow organically.

    I agree, and I study in a similar way. Now studying Visual Storytelling Techniques with @Lee-White Learning new things.

    Character art- That's great! Warm up with sketches of people daily. Just short warm ups, and don't worry about mistakes. Do be aware of happy mistakes, they're great!

    Thanks. I have a few "go too" styles. My caricatures on my artstation, they're painted in my painting style, but,...they take nearly 30hrs each. No photo-bashing! Just thousands of strokes.
    I am trying to learn how to get to a similar end result, much quicker. Maybe more stylized?!

    Your insta link doesn't work, but found you anyway.

  • @VeronicaMui Thank you.

    I think, I already mentioned somewhere, that I like your work.

    Yes, I can relate to that, with kids. And now I am back to teaching again, I am taking advantage of enjoying every moment with them(Kindergarten and after school). My kids are now teenagers, and my boy just blew himself away with how well he can draw now. Without studying. Just leveled up.
    I am very surprised. And don't know what to make of it.

    Please enjoy every moment. Time goes by too quickly, and I always want to go back,...enjoy some moments, but I cannot. I missed some precious time.
    However, I am strong, and I love what I have, and my kids are doing great. Looks like I'll be with them again soon.

    Thanks, I'll checkout that podcast.

    All the best to you for this year. Stay strong, and keep smiling.


  • @jsnzart I believe it! I keep that in the back of my mind all the time and I am treasuring these moments, I know the day will come when I will wish I could walk up those studio steps and sweep a little toddler up in my arms again. They always lift me up when I’m feeling down. Time marches forward always and each season brings its own sweetnesses and sorrows. Thank you for that reminder 😊

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