Corrupted Photoshop File :(

  • Hi there illustrators!

    Do any of you know how to fix a corrupted photoshop file? I was working on a very large illustration for about 2 weeks, so I made it into a PSB. I was almost done with it when one of my layers turned black. I was confused what had happened so I went to the layer and clicked on it to hide it and turn it back on. Well that made it worse!!! It got bigger on that layer and appeared on another layer.

    I saved over it and closed out of the file in a panic, thinking it would get worse if I touched anything else. I had saved multiple times before that moment too. Just in case. My photoshop is up to date too. So I restarted photoshop and went to try and reopen it, but saw the thumbnail was distorted! And then I clicked on it and it was a million times worse!

    The layers are black on some, it looks glitchy and messed up. What the heck happened??? Have this happened to you? How do you fix it? Can I salvage it?! I’m trying to stay calm right now.

  • did you check to see if the corruption is limited to this specific files or all files? Did you trash the prefs file?

    read through this

  • @Miranda-Branley Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you! I don't know how to fix it, but something similar happened to me recently. I'm also interested to know if there is a fix.

  • @Miranda-Branley Have you tried opening any of the files in your photoshop temp folder?

  • I've had this happen twice to me the past couple months... 😰 Haven't found a solution! I just "save as..." a new version every day so that IF it's corrupted I lose a day's work at the maximum.

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