Catalina not detecting external hard drive

  • Hi guys,

    Can someone help me with a tech issue?

    I just purchased the new Macbook Pro 2019 which is running Catalina 10.15.7 but it is refusing to detect a new external hard drive (Seagate 2TB).
    I've tried formatting the hdd to exFAT and MacOS Extended (Journaled) and it's showing up on my old MBP 2014 (10.9.5) but in the new one, the lights are blinking but not getting detected.

    It doesn't show up on Disk Utility nor any "fsck..." processes on the Activity Monitor.

    I've also tried resetting the NVRAM and SMC.

    Help! 😿

  • I'm not too knowledgeable about technology, but I'll tell you what I know. I had a class where we were required to purchase an external hard drive and my professor told us about the Seagate brand and how, sometimes, problems arise with the products, such as crashes and maybe data loss (though I don't remember if she stated this second point or not).

    I'm guessing the issue lies with the Seagate hard drive, but I could be wrong. I recommend checking the internet to see if anyone else had/has problems with the hard drive and then going from there. If there is an issue with either device, I think it would make sense that the company would accept refunds and/or replace the products.

    Sorry I can't provide you with concrete help/advice. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon.

  • @Jonathan-Malski Thank you, Jonathan. I also figured it must be a Seagate+Catalina issue so I purchased another hard disk (Western Digital). That was working perfectly at first, but then the same mounting issue started happening. And for a 32GB USB flash drive as well!

    Now I'm pretty sure it's a general USB issue with catalina and it's very frustrating 😡 😢

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