Preparations for a long term puzzle project

  • I've recently started learning, but I tend to think far ahead.

    I've got this idea to illustrate a 1000 piece (or more) puzzle, maybe during next slowvember if I'm good enough by then. I have vague plans for what will be on it, and what sort of feel the whole piece should be, but I've never really thought about what makes a puzzle good before.

    So far I've concluded that most big puzzles I found don't use lines to define shapes, and that you need many details, but also some textures that are recognisable as belonging to a certain area of the puzzle, but vague enough to not be instantly placeable.

    Do any of you have experience with designing a puzzle illustration? Do you have any tips or recommended reading for me?

  • I think its smart to do the research and plan ahead. I don't have any puzzle making experience but I would maybe start with Will's Draw 50 things class if you have a current SVS membership. I bet working on the skills to make a busy image with a lot of details would be useful in puzzle illustration.

  • @K-Flagg thanks. I'm doing the curriculum first. If that lesson is not in there, I'll look it up after that! Starting off with 50 things sounds good. I'll need a LOT of things for a 1000 piece puzzle, so I'd better start practicing for that soon!

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