Illustrating a new book - WIP proggress

  • My name is Hanna Kenakkala. I live in finland with my husband and our lively lapphund Leevi. I have been illustrating as a side job for a couple of years now. I have illustrated two books for children for a small publisher and right now I am illustrating a third book for the same publisher. This time around I am trying to document my process better and make some blogposts about it. I will also post my proggress here.

    Feedback and advice is most welcome, since I feel that there is always something more to learn and the best way to improve is to get feedback from other artists.

    I hope you find this interesting and if you would like to follow up on other things then here are a few links for you:

    Which thumbnail do you like the best? 3 children on cliffs by the sea. A full spread.


  • @hakepe I think I like 1 and 3 the best! 🙂

  • Thank you for the feedback @Jacy13 I decided to go with 1 since it fit the story moment the best. Plus I have another image with a similar composition with 3 and wanted a bit of variety in the book. Here is the finished pencil sketch. I tried to think about grouping shapes and also "big, medium, small" shapes.


  • Been busy making sketches. This book is not a picture book since it has a lot of text and it is aimed at children who can read. This makes it challenging to make sure there is enough room for text in relation to images. That is why I decided to use a lot of vignette illustrations to give more room for text and save the full page or spread illustrations to more interesting and important story moments. I keep track of my progress in photoshop where I have a thumbnail of the entire book and whenever I finnish a sketch I link the psd files to the thumbnail grid. That way I can see the whole design of the book.


  • Hi @hakepe,
    I like #3, the one in the bottom, because it has a nice perspective. Your characters are in different sizes: small, medium and large and it's easy to read from far away. Also, the drawing has space for the gutter.

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