Glad to be here.

  • Hello. My name is Christopher Sanchez. I am an artist from Texas. My professional background is in graphic design and print production. Although I have always wanted to work in illustration, there has not been much call for it in my regional industry. After an 11 year hiatus, I am trying to recover some skills and build an illustration/visual development/animation portfolio. I think that I have found the right place to restart my art career.

    My current projects can be found at:

    You will find that I have multiple projects going on at one time. This is because I work a 60 hour/week job and then try to sneak in a couple of minutes of creative work throughout the day, the evenings and weekends. I don't want to get too involved in any one project so that the quality doesn't suffer with constant distractions. I hope to squeeze in more time to develop my portfolio as the summer turns into fall, and I think with SVS I can start to make time to pull some projects together. I look forward to this journey.

  • Welcome aboard, good luck!

  • @Steve-Young

  • Hi Chis, Welcome!

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