Postcards and email blasts

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been doing some SVS courses on how to get work as a freelance illustrator (Lee White's "How to make money in illustration 1-3 and Will Terry's "How to get freelance work") and in all courses it was recommended to send out postcards and email blasts on a regular basis and in big numbers (even if you are being represented by an agent).

    Whilst I am located in Australia, I am lucky enough to have found an US agent and she does a wonderful job for me there but I do feel I should reach out more myself and increase my chances to get work. I've been sending out cards, too, but not to that strategic degree Terry and Will were describing.

    Also, and here goes my actual question for you guys, I'm not sure the same applies to the Australian market. I find it very hard to acquire email contacts here - it basically only happens at conferences in my experience at least. There is not a directory of email contacts for Australian publishers/editors at least to my knowledge and I don't think it's common to just contact them directly via Twitter or LinkedIn, for example.

    Has anyone made different experiences and would like to share them with me please? Maybe I'm just being too complicated about this but I really have no idea how to successfully apply this promotion and advertisement aspect to my industry network here.

    Thank you and have a lovely week!

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