Designer hoping to get into illustrating for design work

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a starting graphic designer in the Netherlands. I always run into the problem that I can't find the illustrations/photographs I'm looking for to use in my designs, so I figured I should learn how to do it myself (I'm already a photographer, but that's still limited as I can't magically get the models and locations I need).

    I hope to learn to illustrate well enough to be able to use my illustrations for logomarks, in infographics, for book covers (PhD theses, mainly) and merch for an animal rescue I volunteer for. I figured this site would be the best place, as it teaches illustration in the context of telling a story and if I need illustrations, it's because it needs to communicate something (not just to look pretty) 🙂

    I'm starting out with the courses that are in the curriculum, any tips or suggestions for what to watch or practice next are appreciated of course! I've got some knowledge about color theory, lighting and composition, but I'm sure there are illustration specific things to learn there.

    Looking forward to sharing my work for feedback later on, or even share my own feedback once I know what I'm talking about!

  • @Lize Welcome! Another dutchie :-]

    I'd recommend starting at the beginning: – and then just skip through if you get a been-there-done-that feeling...

  • Thanks Pieter, that's what I'm working on now!

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