Instagram Deactivated my account

  • So I went to log into my Instagram account last Monday afternoon and it said my account had been deactivated. I was able to log in earlier that morning with no problems so I assumed my account was hacked. I went through the text verification and had to wait 24 hours before I could request an appeal to reactivate it. Since then I appear to get an automatic email from Instagram every time I go through the appeal form and submit it.


    So naturally I go to log in and it says my account is disabled. So I go through the whole process again. I am in some kind loop where it’s not getting reactivated but thinks it is. It’s been a week now and I go through this process about 3-4 times per day. 😭

    I can’t find anything about anyone having this problem. Every forum about getting your account reactivated says to submit the form to appeal for it to be reactivated. I’m so frustrated. Has anyone heard of this problem? I can’t find any other way to contact instagram to get it fixed.

  • I had a similar situation where, when I first downloaded the Instagram app, I couldn't create an account with the traditional email that I used. Or rather, I could, but Instagram claimed that I had been banned/couldn't log in because I was doing malicious activity or the like. Odd, since this was the first time I tried creating an account.
    Eventually, I created a new email, logged in/created an account with the new email, and everything worked fine. (after the fact, a friend recommended that I try uninstalling and reinstalling the app; sounds like it could have worked, but who knows?)

    You are definitely right in stating that there isn't a whole lot of information out there on issues like this (hopefully because they don't happen too often?). I remember hearing about an Instagram user who had accumulated around 1000 followers over the years and one day her account was just randomly deleted (or something like that); I'm not sure if she was able to solve the problem. I do remember reading about how some people who had similar problems were able to submit an ID to Facebook/Instagram (the reason being to possibly prove they were old enough to use the app/service?) and then the issue was resolved, but to me, that's giving the company too much information (plus I don't know if it really works or not).

    Facebook/Instagram have a phone number you can call, but there's no one on the line (It just tells you to check the FAQ/help page on their website).

    Honestly, my best bet would be to reach out to someone who has a larger Instagram following and try to see if you can get them to appeal your case to Facebook/Instagram. I remember reading about how if high profile users had issues such as this, they would be able to fix the problem.

    Whatever happens, I hope you can access your account again soon!

  • @Jonathan-Malski thank you! I will keep trying. I'm just glad it didn't happen in the middle of inktober. I would have cried a lot haha.

  • Yeah I found out the hard way there is zero support for Facebook or Instagram that you can talk to. It's all automated and someone down the line has to look at the reactivation request. From what I could tell when my account got hacked and I had to do an appeal, the "loop" you're describing just keeps sending requests into the queue which then someone has to look at.

    Eventually someone did look at it, but they were unable to fix it.

    I never actually did get control back on my account. Because I had linked it to Facebook, they were unable to get me back into the Facebook account to authenticate back into IG.

  • Oh that sucks. Well at least you are giving me hope that someone will eventually look at it. I was also wondering if it might take longer because it happened during the election and I imagine the number of accounts being deactivated due to hate speech and getting reported is probably higher than normal.

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