Controlling line weight of stroked pen tool lines in Photoshop

  • Hi,

    I'm having trouble working out how to control the line weight when I'm using the brush tool to stroke a pen tool path. I have tried using a couple of differently shaped brushes, and I have tried increasing and decreasing the size of the brush tool but I keep having the following issue:

    I'm getting extremely varied line weights when I stroke the paths. It can look beautiful (much more so than when I use the brush tool alone!) but it means I can get extremely thick bits - which I can control a bit by reducing the size of the brush, and I get extremely thin/non-existent tapers to the end of the lines.

    This means I'm having to redraw lots of them. Is there a setting to stop it tapering to nothing? Or some technique I'm missing?

    It is lovely to have some variation rather than rubber hoses, but the hairline thickness is too slim for printing, and causes problems when I'm trying to select areas for colouring etc.

    Trying to search the issue just brought up how to stroke paths entirely so I don't know if I'm missing something obvious or if I'm missing a helpful search term.

    Thanks for your help!

  • @Pamela-Ruddy said in Controlling line weight of stroked pen tool lines in Photoshop:

    brush tool to stroke a pen tool pat

    Hi Pamela,

    I believe you can solve this issue to some degree by going into your brush settings and increasing the minimum diameter slightly. That should control the degree of tapering you see. You can access this by going into to the drop down menu labeled "Windows" at the top of Photoshop (right next to help). WINDOWS > BRUSH SETTINGS. In the Brush Settings Panel that pops up, you can find the Minimum Diameter as a sub menu item when you select Shape Dynamics. Minimum diameter should show up as the second from the top under Size Jitter.

  • Perfect, that really solved my problem, thank you!

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