New To SVS and Need Illustrators For Two Projects

  • Hello All, I am new to SVS and very much a beginner when it comes to drawing and painting. I am very excited about SVS and growing as an artist. But I have a couple of situations I could use your help with. I wrote a children's book, Good Night At The Zoo and need cute and charming baby animal illustrations in a zoo setting. I am a huge fan of cute and charming. I also need an illustrator that is LDS for a project in Spanish, also a children's picture book. This one has Book of Mormon characters so it will help if the person is familiar with the stories and cultures in the BOM, though not mandatory. I can be reached here or my Facebook page is Beatriz Macia. Thanks, your work is amazing!

  • Thank you to those who responded by other means. It is nice to meet some of my fellow students!

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