First practice

  • I have just started to practice illustrations and just joined SVS for 3days .This is such a great website and I am taking some classes too to improve my skill. Can you please give me some comments and advice about my composition, lighting and technique. Thank you so much for your words!!!!! :'') .Sincerely.

    little indiana.jpg

    little indiana 2.jpg

    little india with cactus.jpg

  • Hi and welcome!
    I would suggest to have a clear focal point. Also zoom out a lot. Your image must work when you minimize it to a stamp. I quickly tried to make the focal point more clear:focalPoint.jpg

  • @Jiří-Kůs : thank you so muchhh. These thumbnails are so helpful . I will definitely try to work again :''D

  • Hope you don't mind the paint over.

    In your first example, since the rocks were going diagonally off to the left, I thought the creature's perfectly straight form was kind of too simple, and I wondered if a curve to him wouldn't be a little more interesting. Also the boy's horn was just touching the edge of the rocks, and didn't feel right, so I moved him closer past them...


    In the second example, I thought the teepee should face towards the boy instead of away from him, so I flipped it. And again the back teepee was touching the edge of the tree, as was the boy's foot and headdress, so I moved them over and made a space...


    My point being is, you have to watch your tangents, sometimes as we draw, we forget to design simultaneously. Overlapping creates a lot of depth, and you already had tons of it. Just a little smidge here and there to fix a few that got away. I put them side by side, so you could compare.

    Hope that helps...

  • @Bobby-Aquitania thank you for your super helpful advice. I will keep in mind about tangent from now on . Thank you so much :'')

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