pricing question for possible book badge ???

  • Good Morning you guys I had a pricing question . A client I'm doing a book for has asked me to price quote them for two images they would like me to create once the book is done. One being the head to bust drawing of a character in the book so they can turn it into either a badge/ button / banner and the other being an image of a sun/sand/surf image.

    They've asked me to price these and they would like to have them both copyrighted , now one of the images I feel comfortable with drawing and giving away the rights to, which is the character for the book, the other image one I don't feel I should give away the copyrights to cause no where in this book have we made a character for the sun , or sand and it makes no sense that I give her the rights to such an open ended drawing... I feel like down the line I'd create an image just like it so the last thing I'd want is for this person to come back and say that I stole that image from them,

    So I guess my question is how should I price quote these images if the client wants to turn these things into a banner ,button or badged for the book that will either be in the corner or top of the book. ( to be honest I don't really understand how it will sit on the book ? )
    And is it odd that the client wants the sun /sand/water image copyrighted ???

    Thanks so much for all your help you guys


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