Copic Multiliner SP - Various Ink a Option to Refill?

  • i just wonder if its possible to refill the copic multiliner sp refill cartridges with the black various refill ink which is used for the markers. it seems to ue a sponge in the patrons same as it does in the marker so shouldnt it be compatible? i never used a black copic marker but i assume its the same ink as in the multiliner or is that assumption wrong?

    anyone here tried it?

  • Well I have not tried it but have the refills for pens. I don't think it would work in the multiliner pens because I'm not sure how you could transfer the black marker ink into the black multiliner pen? The refills are narrow tubes that slot inside the pens. Interesting idea though!

  • @Amanda-Bancroft
    the how is not that hard, just use a syringe and fill the cotton or whatever spongematerial they use up bit by bit. since you have both, is the ink the same in term of how it applies on things or do they differ?

  • @Molambo I found a YouTube video showing the cartridges for the multiliner pens, same as I have, and it describes how to change them - I hope this answers your question?

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