It is required to have a Cintiq monitor for the classes?

  • It is required to have a Cintiq monitor or similar for most of the classes? What do you think, is kinda difficult to draw with normal tablet

  • obviously NO

    The main problem about drawing with tablets is that you have to learn to coordinate your hand without looking what you're doing behind it, so you will have less control than in traditional media. You have to adapt to it, and that takes time and practice. But meh, there are a lot of pros out there working with just intuos tablets.

    Pen+Monitor is the most confortable tool to use, that's for sure, and expensive. But not mandatory.

  • I use a cheap bamboo tablet I got off amazon as refurbished. Have done several of the classes. So no, just a drawing tablet is fine 🙂

  • Cintiq is not required. You can do a lot with an inexpensive tablet. I have a 19in Yiynova monitor and it works very well. Cost is about $600. Bought mine through Will Terry has a comparison review found on his YouTube channel.

  • I've found that most of the classes (apart from the obviously digital ones) are compatible with traditional media, and certainly for mixed digital/traditional.

    For my first few classes, I just drew on paper then scanned into photoshop. Totally do-able as far as drawing goes. I never got the hang of drawing on a tablet, although people do seem to do it.

    I did end up buying a Cintiq eventually, which has made the drawing a lot faster and the painting a lot easier, but it's certainly not required.

  • Any tablet will do, I was using a bamboo for years.

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