Character model sheets from animation history

  • I always enjoy looking at model sheets used in cartoons. And I always wanted to draw them for my own characters for fun (someday soon!). I came across this page full of character model sheets from various eras of cartoon history that I thought many of you may find useful either of interest or study.

    Some are drawn so, excuse me, artistically, that I’d like to frame them.

    Quick, stupid question which I assume the answer is “yes, of course, silly!”— are model sheets used in children’s book design? Reason I’m asking is I’ve always heard about model sheets being used in animation and nowhere else. I suppose it’s because many different artists would be drawing the same character whereas a children’s book would be drawn by one person (unless it’s becomes a serial over decades? 🤔). I suppose model sheets would be used in the comic books industry as well.

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