Thumbnail Composition and Color Tips/Critique

  • Hello! I'm new to these forums and I'd like some tips/critique on the composition and color choices for these thumbnails.

    I have 3 thumbnails, 2 of which share the same color scheme. I want to know if they read well, tips on thinking through composition in thumbnails, and anything that may seem obvious but I'm missing.

    I still have a lot to learn, and I'm looking forward to learning from all of you. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    TonyChacon_Thumbnail2_8_29_2020.PNG TonyChacon_Thumbnail2_8_25_2020.PNG TonyChacon_Thumbnail1_8_25_2020.PNG

  • @Korudo13 looks like theyre having a fight, so you might want to consider a complementary colour scheme, change the little blue guy to red. Creates more feeling of tension. What youve got here is a bit analagous, greens and blues, all a bit cool, better for calm static images.

  • @Korudo13 everythings very saturated too, but whichever you go with, you could do with dropping the saturation of the background character a bit. With regard to composition, difficult to comment too much, the images youve put up here are a bit sparse, but im guessing that was intentional. Put some more information in, value, indication of form, background etc, you might get a bit more useful feedback. With only two characters and nothing else, difficult to gauge scale etc.

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