Another Portfolio Post! Looking for Feedback

  • Hey all!

    I think I'm finally ready to start putting my work out there and hitting the ground running on marketing and seeking representation/client work. I've finally nailed down both my process and my workflow to the point where I'm comfortable getting projects shipped and handling both client work and personal work at the same time.

    I've finally updated my site with my current portfolio:

    I would love any sort of feedback, whether that be for the portfolio itself or my site layout - I've been tinkering with it a lot and I don't think I'm quite happy with it yet. Are there any pieces that just don't belong? Gaping holes? I won't tell you which but there's definitely some pieces I'm thinking of replacing, but I'm aiming for finished not perfect, because it'll never be "perfect" you know?

    I do have a lot of personal projects that I've gotten out the door and into the world in the past couple of years - do you think it would be worth it to set up a "projects" section and outline each one? Some are finished and some are still ongoing.

    I have some plans for new/replacement portfolio pieces, but I'd love to hear if anything glaring is missing. I know I'm missing images of kiddos - I've always heard to put in your portfolio the things you're good at and the things you'd love to work on and kids definitely aren't either of those things. I'm planning on spending the next month or two to really nail down kids in my style because I'm still not consistent with them (consistency is my number 1 issue with drawing them, and I know they just need more study and concentrated practice), and will start filtering them in once I feel like they're ready.

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