Your Opinion on Paid Portfolio Sites

  • Hi friens,

    I just wanted to get opinions on sites like or . For some odd reason I can't seem to find any unbiased information on this on the web (all I find are testimonials posted by those specific sites - surprise surprise they're always positive) but I was wondering if anyone here has actually had a membership on either of these sites (or something similar) and what your experience was like? Did you get return on investment? They're like 200-300 bucks which seems like alot but I mean if you get just one job from it, it might pay for itself? (Unless the only people hiring there are like self publishers with a budget of 500 for a 32 page book 😒 ) But anyways it would be super cool to see what someone who has actually used the sites have to say about it.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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