@SundayGirl76 Hello SundayGirl, Thank you very much for your comment. I think you are right, I do tend to worry about having different styles but I do think that having a wide variety of styles is ultimately beneficial. I love to do watercolor flowers and botanicals but I also love to do flowers and landscapes in acrylic paint. As far as illustration goes, I enjoy drawing more photo-realistically in color pencil and graphite and I am writing a story that I intend to illustrate aswell that is about a group of farm animals and would be drawn in a more photo-realistic style, some viniettes in graphite (think Beatrix Potter, those little drawings that are headers for each chapter) and including full color images done in watercolor. I do plan on trying to get this story published by a larger, established publishing house. I am not sure how possible it is but I have to try. As far as the Faeries go, I do think they would lend well to a zine or small book but I think my target audience is children although I think they could be interesting to the tween and older female crowd as well. I am considering creating and publishing a few copies and selling them locally in my area to get them out there and gauge the interest, we have a small bookstore chain that might be able to carry them as my small community has a lot of resources and support for local artists. I think they would lend well to a kind of daily inspiration card deck. Something with a small poem about each faerie and how you can be inspired by the message that faerie brings to you for the day. I will take a look at your Etsy shop and see what you are talking about. My only concern about selling them on Etsy is the time that is required to manage the updates, photos, editing, posting and then ultimate shipping. It seems to be a lot of work (I have an Etsy shop for my accessories) if they are not making enough money for it to be worth it. I will give it some thought. I suppose I can't know if I don't try right?! Thanks again for your comment. Jessica Jolicoeur