@shereen-said Yeah it's weird. After signing back up just yesterday with my debit card, everything seems fine. All my finished and in progress classes are there. It is also showing up in billing on the site now. With paypal, I had to keep track of it through paypal, which was a bummer, but at the same time I have to keep track of my other subs thought it, so it wasn't too big of a deal. They just told me that when you sign up with paypal, it uses the paypal email to make a new account. There was nothing informing that would happen if paypal was the chosen method of payment. I've never had that happen with any other sub service, I use one email for my accounts, then my paypal (which is a different email, yes) for the reoccurring payments with 0 issues. Just some odd site quirks. Another quirk, telling me I need to log in, then when I do it says, "You are already logged in"