@Chris-Perry Hi Chris - I really like the texture of the medium you are using here - and also the blend of some of the colors really adds a nice depth and interest to the characters. Having the music mixed into that semi-heart shape in the background is also a really nice touch as well. It gives it a neat decoupage feel. The one thing I might suggest - is to do a little clean up of the smudges that are in the off white area around the piece. I feel like they distract from the piece overall and would be a quick fix in Photoshop for example to just take them out. The other thing I might consider doing in a Photoshop clean-up is removing the paper edge ridge that goes through the dogs nose area. While it may be true to placement of that paper during your creative process it does take away a bit from the dog. So I think it would be interesting to see what it would look like if you smudged it out a little bit digitally.