@AnnaDaviscourt Thanks for taking the time to do such a lovely introduction. I enjoy your work-and starting checking it out after Lee's shout-out. I'm interested in your character class--I think it might be a good fit for me this summer. I'm pretty new to this, leaning more toward comics than children's illustration-do you think the class would be applicable beyond children's illustrations?

Like you, I have dog-envy! My household isn't on board (yet!) and a person doesn't acquire a dog, the whole house does. We have 2 mature Bengal cats-which are a little like dogs but I would like some unconditional love on my timeline!

Like @demotlj (and my cats)-I'm mature in years. Improving my drawing and figuring out what I WANT to draw are the passions I'm cultivating as I edge toward retirement.

I'll check out your current class and what else you've got posted on the 'net.