@Jean-Luc When I first started drawing as a teen, I was from a poor family and had very limited materials. For years I drew only with pencils, and when years later I finally got a computer, I didn't have enough for a tablet so I learned to draw in Photoshop Essentials with a mouse. I was really roughing it hahaha... But now with hindsight, I think this all helped me. I mastered the basics with no temptations to go straight to digital, and even using the mouse made for a smooth transition to a tablet after a few years. Similarly, I learned all the basics of watercoloring with a $5 set and paper from Walmart, so later when I graduated to better supplies, it felt incredibly easy. I wouldn't necessarily suggest not learning digital for years, but do think basic supplies can uniquely teach someone about tips and strategies they couldn't come up with if they had all the options and solutions in front of them.