@Nazuba AAAaahhhhhh.... you got me back. good one. Yes, I have to think about all of those things. I realized that I really have been approaching my art strictly from a design sense and have been neglecting the narrative part (ridiculous, I know) but strangely enough, the light bulb has been switched on in my brain and I'm looking back at a lot of my finished pieces and thinking of reworking them to make the narrative more interesting. And I totally was lame and lazy and didn't add the dino's reflection in there. You caught me. I need to go back and add that.... sigh..."Pain is temporary, suck is forever" @evilrobot thanks for your thoughts. I was trying to incorporate these intersecting lines in the design of my pieces.... I'm really into the Futurist art movement.... but it may or may not be the right place to do it. This is what I'm experimenting with stylistically. My main focus should be on the narrative and I've heard recently that you should only include what is essential for the story. So, I'm torn. I like it, but is it working or is it hindering? Your thoughts are that it's hindering. But to others, it's not. It's subjective. But if it's detracting from the main idea, then I should give it some thought as to whether or not I keep it. And I am intentionally tilting the perspective to give an off kilter feel. I could pull back from the scene a bit, too. Good point. I start these sketches in my sketchbook and they are always so cramped. I should start thinking about giving my characters a bit more breathing room and room to play with the focal point of my piece. So, yes, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's been helpful.