@DanetteDraws Thanks for the welcome! The fact that it reminds you of Klassen is an honor. I have always admired his work, and I have really been trying to simply my shapes and up my rendering quality. Klassen has always been a such a great example of that. The fact that he is referring to himself as a "cacti" will be the main play on words that is addressed later in the story. I certainly appreciate the editorial eye though, writing for children's books is quite a challenge. I am constantly editing and proofreading simple sentences to try and find what flows the best. In regards the 34 pages, I will have 32 interior pages and the artwork for the front and back cover. Thank you bringing this up though, this is defiantly not something that I have always known, and it is much easier to plan ahead instead of making edits to the book after it is done. This is great feedback! I knew the SVS Forums were a good place to be.