Accountability check, NO critiques please....

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I might redo this one......

  • Here are my two inkings for today. I'm starting to feel like these aren't that great again but I'm pushing ahead. Not sure if I should or not but....the cow is giving me some trouble again too....I hope I'm not giving in on this too soon. I believe someone else could do so much better but, it's my project so I am going to do it anyway. I am going to work on figure drawing and review the class on positioning characters again and also watch the visualizing perspective class. I'm a little embarrassed by these.....


    0_1516685025687_IMG_20180122_201945 (1).jpg

    One of them is not posting. I'll try again later.

  • This is the other one. Just being accountable.


  • Guess what! I actually finished my cow. Not perfect, but it will do fo rme. Much better than it was. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.


    And this is the last illustration of the book! Now, I need to do the cover and a few touch ups, etc.


    Then I will prepare to paint a lot. Whew! Still a lot to do but I am going to say this part is done.


  • wow! Great job! That's huge, being done with the drawing stage. They look great--especially this last one. I LOVE that cow's expression!

  • @eli Thank you. It's been a challenge but I hope ot move forward and improve my skills with the next project and hopefully get to the end a little quicker :-)

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I need to redo this one because I messed up the ink and the white stuff I used to fix it runs with the paint :-( Oh well. After that, the cover.)

  • Hello all! Looks like I might be moving before we thought. I might have to wait to paint until then...we'll see. I'm a little scared to get started :-) Oh well...onward!!!

  • Just to update...I have not started painting though most of the illustrations are done. I have one to do for the end pages. I have been downsizing my house to move into a fifth wheel and sell our house, etc. and I have been feeling pretty stressed so, I am holding off on painting right now so I don't have a heart attack :-) Either I'll rush or I just won't be able to focus well so....I will have to extend my goal of June to later in the year. Looking forward to being able to relax and watch videos and paint, etc. and get back on track. Just want you to know I haven't given up!

  • Thinking of this image for the las page facing the end page.


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