October 3rd Thursday

  • flyingpaintedsmall.jpg

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to SVS (though I did enter the August 3rd Thursday as well). This is my first piece that I've tried in-depth photoshop painting, and it's tough. I know it needs a ton of detail work, but any critiques would be super helpful. I also feel like it's kind of static, so if you guys have tips on how to show movement I'd appreciate it, thanks!

  • nice going, I love your use of color, but feel you picture is a little flat, maybe adding a little shadow, and light could help depth. Good Look.

  • I feel like the ox (or whatever the animal is) is way too big and over powering the ostrich. Since he is further back he should be smaller anyway. I love your characters, they are very well done and your colors are vibrant. I agree with Steve that you need to add more shadows. Great start though and welcome!!

  • I agree with the others that it is a nice start. I would recommend to work on perspective. Maybe you find some reference photo of such a cliff to learn where light and shadows go. Additionally, I would turn the head of the ox more upwards to really look to Ostrich.
    I love Ostrichs surprised look.😊 Keep on going!

  • Thank you!! These are very helpful (and you are so right about the Ox)!

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