Hello from another aspiring illustrator!

  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to introduce myself before I jump in on the forums. My name is Joe ,though I often go by Jazeps since I was named for my Latvian greatgrandfather (Jazeps is the Latvian equivalent).

    So as far as my history with art and drawing goes, I drew as a kid, like most kids do, but I pretty well stopped by the time I hit middle school. Early in my teenage years I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker, but in my early 20's I got sick with Crohns disease and spent the next decade getting progressively worse until finally I lost the ability to walk (not permanently) and spent the better part of my late twenties bed ridden and in terrible pain.

    I always thought of myself as a left brained sort of person, but during the worst of my illness, I scarcely slept 3 hours a night for 3 years straight and the effect on my memory and my ability to think was pretty devastating.

    In the midst of a year in which I had been hospitalized for 5 lengthy stretches and had a major surgery, I started drawing as a way to cope with everything that had happened. I found it cathartic in a way nothing else was and so I kept doing it and started to learn more and more.

    Its been three years (almost to the day) since I first started doing art, and only in the past month or so that I discovered SVS. I'm really hoping to refine my work here and to be pushed towards being a better artist and illustrator. I've never done anything professionally with art, but I would very much like to get to the level where I could. I have so many stories I'd like to tell and I'm working hard to acquire the skills to tell them.

    Here's a picture below of where I started three years ago (literally the first thing I did when starting out), and also of my most recent thing I'm working on. I can't quite call it done yet, but I'm hoping to get some good advice on the forum as to how to go about making it into a more finished piece. I'll post it in a sketchbook thread tomorrow probably.

    IMG_1514 copy.JPG
    Music Shop copy.jpg

    Anyway, I'm glad my wife introduced me to SVS (she'll be joining this weekend I think!) and I'm glad to be here with all of you. Lets push each other to do our best work!


  • Welcome and I am so glad you found us! This is a wonderfully motivating and helpful community!! They have really pushed me a long way since I joined 7 months ago and I have learned so much not just from the instructors but my fellow artists everyone is glad to help! Again welcome and I am so glad you are doing your art again and you have certainly made great progress! It's a nice piece!!

  • Welcome :) I'm sure you'll find SVS quite helpful. I certainly have.

  • Hi Jazeps,

    I'm also new to SVS, so I'll be glad sharing our learning journey. I did stop drawing twenty years ago due to a misfortuned event and, as you can see, I'm trying to come back to the road.

    See you :)

  • welcome! hope you will have a great time here.

  • @Renduin Welcome! I think you will find that this forums is a wonderful place to grow. It's awesome to see your progress over the years, thank you for sharing your story and art with us, and we look forward to seeing more!

  • Thanks for the welcome guys! I look forward to working on our art together!

  • Welcome! I see great improvement from piece 1 to the music store. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Welcome! You've found an amazing community here...I've been a member of a lot of sites and groups and this is by far the most helpful and supportive. And you'll learn so much from the lessons! I'll look forward to seeing your work!

  • Thanks Chip and Amber! This really does seem like a great group! I hope I can contribute positively.

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