Hey Will, thank you so much for everything you do, I usually watch your videos while I'm drawing and they give me tons of motivation! I recently started to get into watercolor, didn't do that for years now. And am really afraid of f-ing up every piece I start. But I think it's going quite well even though I know I have a lot to learn, an can usually name uncountable things that I want to do better the next time Here is the piece I would love a critique on: It's the essence of the fairytale 'The star money', my favorite fairy tale when I was a child. My main goal in this piece was actually to not focus on just the character but work with a light source that casts hard shadows (in this case the glowing star money), as well as a full background. I usually just draw characters not connected to a scenery (so there usually is no specified light source) so this was good practice. I started by sketching on a piece of paper, then scanned it in and tried out different color combinations and shadowing. Then went back to my drawing table and first sketched then colored it. Since it's the first time I drew something that complex with watercolors I would appreciate it so much if you could give me some feedback. I bet you see stuff I didn't know yet that it was wrong because I had so much to focus on Thank you in advance and have a nice day! Johanna Breuch