To echo what @stringfellowart said, you're values are all very similar in the mid-light to light range. If you are working in Photoshop you can make a new layer on top set to color and fill it with black. This will make everything look grayscale so you can check the values then just hide the layer to see your colors. You can then adjust the saturation and darkness (ctrl-u on windows) of your other layers or a selection while the grayscale layer is on for a scary yet thrilling experience. You may not like the new color but it gives you and idea once you settle on a value. I learned that tIP here in the forum sometime last monthand it's been helpful for me. Edit: Just noticed you didn't use photoshop. Sorry. I'm not familiar with the program you used but if you can make different types of layers there may be a way to still do this digital trick.